“Comedy is KFC’s newest ingredient”


Kingston, Jamaica – Tuesday, April 16, 2013: Popular comedic duo Ity and Fancy Cat along with radio and TV personality Miss Kitty will be a part of the brands fresh new approach to the marketing of its products. The partnership will debut as part of KFC’s launch of its new Crispy Wings, and will feature the comedians in various radio and TV spots, utilizing the tag line “Wing It!”.


The use of the comedians will undoubtedly help KFC maintain the attention of consumers, as the comedians themselves have built up their own following, through their own individual productions.


KFC has been a long time supporter of the Ity and Fancy Cat show, and often use Miss Kitty’s popular radio show, Ruption, as an avenue for introducing new products to the public.


With Jamaicans being known to be able to find humour in any situation, the combination of comedy plus the delicious KFC brand is sure to excite and engage consumers.


Commenting on the use of the comedians, Restaurants of Jamaica Marketing Director Tina Matalon said, “Brand marketing is not always about communicating the functional benefits of your product, but sometimes you have to just make your target consumers laugh and be entertained so that you build that long term emotional connection with your brand." "Ity and Fancy Cat along with Miss Kitty are extremely popular personalities, so the partnership of comedy with an exciting and fun brand like KFC, is a great recipe for success!” Matalon added.

KFC believes innovation is a key ingredient to marketing success. As it looks to maintain its position as the number one Quick Service Restaurant in Jamaica, KFC continues to raise the bar with brand standards, product quality and innovation. The new campaign is testament to that, as it features a 6-part series of 10second TV and radio ads versus the traditional 30 second spots. Try KFC’s New Crispy Wings today…sogood!