The KFC franchise worldwide has revamped the image of its popular mascot Chicky and KFC Jamaica will be unveiling that new image in April, which is designed to provide a fresh and positive influence for Jamaican children. The “hip” new Chicky, who boasts a modern outfit of a T-shirt, cargo pants, sneakers and a cap worn backwards, is a far cry from his previous look which featured vest, bow tie, striped shorts and large red boots.  In short, the mascot is now even more approachable and the hope is that he will transfer his magical, upbeat attitude to all KFC kids.


As KFC Marketing Manager, Mrs. Tina Myers-Matalon puts it, “Chicky has gotten cooler! He's always doing something fun and is so full of energy that young people are able to relate to him far more easily. They should be able to look at him and see a potential friend, not just a mascot,” she added.


The new-look Chicky, like his older counterpart, is always searching for new ways to have fun. However, the modern Chicky has a particular interest in sports, music and outdoor activities and in having fun in ways that can have a positive social influence. 

The new Chicky is also being introduced in recognition of the value of a healthy lifestyle. The popular quick service restaurant (QSR) aims to use its mascot to promote more active childhood experiences that encourage children to get outdoors and have fun in an environment which is safe and which nurtures holistic development. The decision to reposition Chicky comes at a time when national concern over children – their diet, education and safety – has reached an ultimate high.


“Chicky will be an example which encourages our children to get active and start having fun – all in a safe way,” Mrs. Matalon said. “Our children need this encouragement now more than ever,” she added.

Beyond his younger-looking and “hip” appearance, Chicky's ability to become a positive influence on children lies in his clever and friendly image, coupled with a vibrant sense of humour which will encourage KFC kids to aspire to be like him...and will also find favour with parents.


Look out for the New Chicky in the KFC Xmen promotion, beginning April 21, 2009.