Our company, Restaurants of Jamaica (ROJ), was “born” officially on June 18, 1975, when the Myers family opened the first KFC restaurant at 170 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6, on licence from Hueblein International. 


Since that time, Restaurants of Jamaica has grown to become the franchisee for both KFC and Pizza Hut – licenced to do so by YUM!, the current international franchisor.  As of October 2009, there are 32 KFC restaurants operating in 11 Jamaican parishes: Kingston, St. Andrew, St. Catherine, Portland, Clarendon, Manchester, St. Elizabeth, St. Ann, St. Mary, St. James and Westmoreland.  Five Pizza Hut restaurants are also in operation in four of those parishes.


ROJ has been built on a solid foundation, which sees us:



Always providing high-quality products at reasonable cost.



    Using all-Jamaican inputs, except for KFC’s secret seasonings, in our restaurants.



Developing our human resources so that team members choose to remain with us and to support our growth.



Being a good corporate citizen – supporting both national and community projects.




The result is a successful business which provides rewards for our customers and our employees, as well as for the organization’s owners.  In support of our commitment to being a Good Corporate Citizen, we also support a range of projects – especially those which support development of Jamaica’s children in the areas of education and sports. In fact, our company invests millions of dollars each year on youth-related programmes, including the premier edutainment product The KFC Quiz Show; the ISSA/KFC Schoolboys’ Basketball Competitions; and the JLS/KFC Homework Centre and Reading Room.


Our company has a strong, quality-driven team culture which plays an integral role in helping to make our piece of Yum! here in “little” Jamaica one of the most successful builders of the dynamic and vibrant brands that Yum! is targeting worldwide.  As our Vision Statement outlines:


“We are a company born out of a dream...fueled by courage, driven by conviction and proven by our exemplary team members, outstanding performance and ongoing drive toward excellence inall aspects of our operations.  We will maintain our position as Jamaica’s preferred restaurant chain and will honour

our commitment to always feed Jamaica well. We will uphold our ideals through persistent

attention to product quality and innovation, consistent service standards and the delivery

of real value to all our customers.  We will strive to be good neighbours to all

Jamaicans. We will move forward with confidence, prepared to meet any

challenges with strengthand integrity.”