Restaurants of Jamaica will ensure its success by “…being a good corporate citizen who supports, without public applause, projects at both the national and community levels.”



This commitment to being a good corporate citizen is one of the major tenets on which our company, Restaurants of Jamaica (ROJ), was established in 1975 and it remains an integral part of how the company functions.


Our company donates millions of dollars each year to sponsorship of various sports, entertainment and community development programmes. Donations in both cash and kind have supported the efforts of thousands of programmes aimed at assisting Jamaica’s development. 


For decades, ROJ has provided millions of dollars each year to major corporate sponsorship funds for some of Jamaica’s biggest entertainment activities.  These events have included Carnival, which attracts tourists and Jamaicans living overseas to the island to share in the events, as well as Gospel, and a variety of sporting events, including Netball, Cycling and Basketball – with funding from ROJ playing an important role in the development of the latter two sports. 


However, one of the main planks on which our organization builds a solid corporate citizenship programme is our strong commitment to the overall development of Jamaica’s human resources – especially the country’s youth.  In fact, ROJ invests in excess of J$25 million per year on youth-related programmes alone.  This commitment has been given tangibility over the years via major sponsorship support for a range of initiatives in the areas of social services, education and sports.  From our organization’s work with established sporting bodies – such as the Jamaica Basketball Association (JaBA) and the Inter Secondary Schools’ Association (ISSA) – to the Jamaica Library Service (JLS), the Jamaica Foundation for Children (JFC) and other NGOs which offer care for children, Restaurants of Jamaica has long been one of the nation’s most involved corporate citizens.


Projects in which ROJ franchises KFC and Pizza Hut have been integrally involved have included the KFC Quiz Show for Prep and Primary school students – a product that ROJ initiated and which has rich edutainment value, while fulfilling our company’s aim of finding new and dynamic ways of engaging the interest of Jamaica’s children in learning; the JLS/KFC Chicky Reading Room and Home Work Centres project, which is designed to create more child-friendly and technologically-enhanced learning spaces in JLS Junior Libraries and which has already led to 10 of the country’s libraries being transformed; and the ISSA/KFC Schoolboy Basketball League, which opens up tremendous career opportunities for quality players, while honing their ability to function within a team setting.


In terms of basketball, our company’s association with the sport and its use as a strong development tool borders on the legendary.  Through partnership with ISSA, JaBA and organizations such as the Notre Dame Jump Ball Basketball Clinic, ROJ has provided opportunities for young people to improve their skills at basketball,while opening up access to scholarships that encourage them to further their academic development in colleges in the USA and Jamaica. 


We have also contributed financially toward helping teams which represent Jamaica perform at their best – inclusive of major sponsorship assistance for the team’s participation in Senior Caribbean Basketball Championships.  Additionally, we are a major sponsor of Jamaica’s “Road to London 2012 Olympics” campaign, which may see a Jamaican team competing in basketball at the Olympic Games for the first time.  The value of KFC’s contribution to basketball is borne out by the fact that six of the 12 players who are named on Team Jamaica – including stand-out player Samardo Samuels – are alumni of the KFC Star Search Camp, which each year attracts the best players from the ISSA/KFC Schoolboys’ Basketball CompetitionsIn 2007, ROJ also became a sponsor of schoolboys’ football – a very popular league which again opens up career opportunities and delivers several other benefits which come from engaging in structured physical activities.


“Our aim, as an organization, is to help empower Jamaica’s young people, so that they will be able to achieve and become equipped to serve as nation builders.  This is a commitment which Restaurants of Jamaica (ROJ) takes very seriously.”
Tina Myers-Matalon – Marketing Director, ROJ


In addition to our company’s dedication to programmes which are focused on human resource development, we have always been engaged in numerous projects of goodwill.  We pride ourselves, for instance, on our annual Gifts to Jamaica programme which gives to over 160 kindergarten-level schools and children’s homes within KFC communities either the supplies, learning tools and other equipment which they need to help them function more effectively…or simply a heart-warming treat at Christmastime.  We also respond positively to the requests of thousands of schools, churches, children’s homes and homes for the aged, as well as hospitals and other organizations island-wide which seek KFC and Pizza Hut’s financial and product support for special events and/or fundraising efforts. 


Restaurants of Jamaica (ROJ) also has a very active feeding program, which sees our restaurants donating all unsold chicken at closing to selected homes that are in proximity to each restaurant.  This is being enhanced by our participation in the 2009 Yum! Hunger Project, which will see us contributing to the Jamaica Red Cross’ Meals on Wheels Feeding Programme as the JRC assists some of Jamaica’s most vulnerable. 


The bottom line is that we believe in assisting those who help others and, as such, we support the organizations in our country that are truly making a difference to our nation.  Listed among institutions which have, therefore, received ongoing goodwill support from our brands are Missionaries of the Poor, Special Olympics, Jamaica Cancer Society and the UWI Guild of Students’ Needy Students Meal Plan, as well as the UWI TMRI sickle Cell Unit and a range of other endowment funds at the University of the West Indies’ Mona Campus, St. Margaret’s Church, and CDA – St. Catherine Division


Restaurants of Jamaica remains dedicated, in both good and challenging economic times, to honouring the pledge which we have made to be a Good Corporate Citizen in Jamaica.  It is one of the ways in which we show our appreciation to our customers, and to Jamaica as a whole, for their loyalty to KFC and Pizza Hut over many years.